Colorectal surgery is a field of surgery that deals with the disorder of the rectum, anus, and colon. Colorectal surgery is also term as proctology. colectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, Strictureplasmy, Polypectomy, and Anoplasty are some the colorectal surgery.

Why Colorectal Surgery?

Patients having disorders with rectum, anus, and colon are recommended to have this type of surgery. There are many reasons due to which your doctor will suggest you go through colorectal surgery. Some of the reasons are issues with the digestive tract such as cancer, injury, obstruction, inflammatory bowel diseases.

Some of the other reasons for this procedure include

• Anal fissure
• Injury
• Hemorrhoids
• Fissure
• Swelling

• Rectal prolapse
• Displaced rectal area
• Fistulas
• Imperforate anus
• Crohn’s diseases

Types of Colorectal Surgery

There are many types of surgery such as Colectomy, Anoplasty , Polypectomy, etc.

Colectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a part of the colon. The colon is a part of the large intestine, it is a long tube-like organ that is the end of your digestive tract. This surgery is performed when you are suffering from colon cancer, bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease.. During this procedure, your surgeons will remove the complete colon. In an extreme case, the rectum can also be removed. The surgery can be performed by laparoscopic surgery.

Hemorrhoidectomy this surgery is used to remove internal and external hemorrhoids. In this surgery, the patient is given general anesthesia and spinal anesthesia so that you will not feel pain. The swollen vein inside the hemorrhoids is tied off to prevent bleeding and other side effects. Strictureplasty is surgery performed to alleviate bowel narrowing due to scar tissue. A patient who suffers from Crohn’s disease will go through this surgery if they develop scar tissue in the intestinal wall.

Polypectomy in this surgery the polyps are removed before they turn to cancerous and more dangerous situations. The procedure or surgery can be performed by laparoscopic as well as endoscopic. Angioplasty this surgery is preform to restore the normal function of the anus.